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Dehydrated/powdered/instant milk is superior to regular wet milk for 3 very good reasons:
	1) Doesn't go bad nearly as quickly. Stays good for maybe half a year to a year. Probably longer if you refrigerate it. I hate FORCING myself to drink milk just because I don't want it to go bad, it ruins the milk experience (and I, like my brother and Caydon, have a milk fetish (with my mom to thank -- she used to force us(me?) to drink milk lololol)).
	2) You can choose how creamy/thick you want it to be. I'm not talking fat content, which is the only thing you can choose when it comes to regular/wet milk. With powdered milk you can keep pouring and pouring (keeping the amount of water the same) until you [probably (haven't tried it)] have something so thick it resembles a milkshake. Or if you want it watered down, you have the option (actually nvm you could water down regular/wet milk too). There are instructions on the powdered milk box for how much to use. I read them once but every time since I just fucking eyeball it and I've never been disappointed. Simple trial and error (adjusting from previous days) gives me the optimal (preference) creaminess.
	3) Fortification. Yea maybe some regular/wet milks fortify too, but I'm pretty sure most don't (I might be wrong). I'm a huge fan of multivitamins because I know I'm not the best eater in the world; I need all the help I can get. Extra vitamins/nutrients in my milk? Yes please. On that note (but slightly OT) I've heard people declare (while ranting) that "all man-made chemicals are bad for you". I chuckled internally and didn't argue with them, fuck it le them have their rant to blow off steam. There's no fucking difference (if done properly): a chemical is a chemical. If there is a difference, it (the synthesis/extraction/whatever) wasn't done properly and we aren't takling about the same 2 chemicals.
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1) Clayton

0) Had a dream where my non-HS friend Tom got got. His death was similar to that one dream I had with the underwater music vest. We were outdoors on the streets. I kinda felt like I was just an observer in the dream, flying/floating around following the action, but Tom spoke to me directly towards the (his) end. There was some confrontation between him and some assholes. They made him surrender his gun with the threat of violence. He complied and tossed it onto the ground. Immediately one of them shouted "TARGET!!!" and they all started chasing him. He was less of a target (though obviously still being fucked with) while he held the gun (in his jacket or wherever), but once he dropped it he became more of a sitting (well, soon to be running) duck. He ran his ass off. He ran like a skinny person (sup) runs; I doubt the actual Tom could run this fast xD. It didn't matter though, he only made it a few hundred feet before one of them intercepted his path and incapacitated him by shooting his back and legs. I as the observer caught up to this action and witnessed one of them give him the money shot right to his eye. The assholes ran away and Tom started expressing his pain. At first it was just like "ouch, ouch, my eye" kinda shit but then moved onto "I can't see" and good ole "sheer terror" (-Sphere) kind of shit. His arms still flailed around while he tried to make sense of of what was going on (more like ACCEPT his imminent death). "I can't feel my legs"... as his hands were clearly groping his legs. Eventually he started crying (not the tear kind) and whining like a little bitch, exactly how I and most people would in that same situation. In his whining state he said "Steven, don't make the same mistake as I did". I'm pretty sure he meant dropping his gun, but a part of me wonders if simply allowing himself to be confronted by the assholes in the first place was his actual mistake. "Man is weakest by himself" (-Lone(-Pale Rider). They are probably both mistakes, but idk which one he (or my subconscience) is referring to. Perhaps my subconscience intentionally made it ambiguoius to get me to think about it harder (it's working!).

1) Was I think the last day of school in 12th grade or at least the last stretch of school weeks. Miss Clayton (my 6th grade teacher) was our teacher and my classmates from K-1 and 5-8 (I went to a different school from 2-4) were there. I came to class hours late but the teacher didn't seem to really care too much. I knew better than to ask dumb questions at that point to get myself caught up: if I'm lost on what she's talking about, it's my own fault. It was perhaps that I didn't ask those kinds of "catch me up" questions that the teacher didn't mind (too much) that I was late. An idiot would come late and expect to be caught up. Still I did some of the classwork wrong because of it. After a while I put the pieces together when I heard the teacher re-state (perhaps for my benefit) that some assignment/work/website-thingo had been 302 moved PERMANENTLY (emphasis hers). I had been still using the old link I guess? I don't remember actually viewing a website though lol, but I do remember plugging something into an extension cable that went right across the teacher's front walking area... and I also remember trying to keep that cable flat/etc so she wouldn't trip over it. Turned out I didn't need the extension cable though if I'd had known the assignment was changed. She let me do the wrong thing for a little bit of time because after all it was my own fault.
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Was at the old batting cages in riverside. I'm not sure where it is exactly or even what it's called. There was an arcade there too (on the right when you enter the door). The arcade wasn't part of the dream though. I think I went there after hours, or thought I was there after hours until towards the end of the dream some baseball players started showing up using batting cages. Most of the dream (towards beginning) took place inside the building though. It was a family operated business and that building doubled as their house (I don't think this is the case IRL). I remember talking to the wife/mom and their daughter, but I don't recall ever seeing the husband/dad in the dream. I think the mom gave me a haircut. I talked to the little girl some but the only thing I remember asking her was her age (7). I might have my ordering wrong but at some point I was sitting on their porch and there was a big glass (or hard clear plastic) box sitting on a table with a slit in the top. It was filled a good ways with cold hard cash. Towards the top of the slit was a $50 bill and I schemed to return (with a mask covering my face, because they had cameras) sometime at night maybe and to use a skinny stick with pinchers on the end to grab that $50 (and probably more). I'm not sure I committed to that plan because there was definitely a moral dilemna going on. It's true I am tempted with theft all the fucking time IRL (but I'd probably stick to electronic theft, since I'd be way better at it), but you should be glad to hear that the "good steven" is winning that fight: I haven't stolen anything (that I didn't think was abandoned) in many years, so many in fact that I consider myself a kid back then (even if I was over 18 at the time). Well anyways not much more to the dream than that except I considered asking them if they'd give me a tour of "behind the batting cages" (you know, where you always see employees walking around). I said, or thought about saying (in dreams, when you "consider" doing something, the thought of doing it tends to takes over and that consideration becomes the dream itself. neat), "it may not be interesting to you since you see it every day, but to someone like me it's a mystery" (or something along those lines. I didn't use the word mystery but I am now). I also thought about asking them if they hated it when people, such as myself (but whether I'd admit that depended on their answer), threw balls laying around back through the holes they came out of.
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2 part idea, the second part is the only idea to be considered an "idea/project/invention" (and it's probably patentworthy, but everything and their mom is these days if you're willing to bribe the USPTO $10k).

a) I want to get a mountain bike for exercise/fun, and I've heard of (but haven't yet tried) these pedal-assist bikes that do ~50% of the pedaling for you. Since they require you to pedal as well (and they don't keep going when you stop (or crash xD)) and since they aren't doing a "majority" of the work, they aren't considered motorized vehicles and you can ride them anywhere you can ride a normal bike (which is a LOT more places than motor vehicles (regular electric bikes or gas motorcycles) are allowed to go... and much less licensing/permit/etc requirements too). Cool I'm fucking sold, especially since I could (in theory) charge them up with my solar panels (well the solar panels I plan to get, it'd probably take eons for my 15w panel to charge them up). The "idea" is rather simple: park my truck/camper at the bottom of a hill (such as the one I'm parked on right now: Thomas Mountain Road in Idyllwild), use pedal assist to go UP the hill. When the battery runs out, turn around and coast/jam/fly back down :-). I like downhill mountain biking and am a decent (but far from good/pro) bike rider, so this idea isn't for everyone. Exercising this way will strengthen you more in the "endurance" kind of way rather than the "FFFF YEAAA ROIDS I WANT MY MUSCLES TO BE MASSIVE" kind of way, since you are doing 50% less work but for twice as long. Additionally, you get to downhill mountain bike TWICE as far (on average) with the same amount of up-hill energy (excluding electricity, talking body energy only) expended. I'm indifferent to whether or not I get "endurance" or "beefy" exercise, it was just an observation.

b) While riding uphill, I can observe/analyze kickers/jumps/bumps-that-if-you-go-fast-enough-over-you-get-air-off-of and, after analyzing the landing and making sure it's a safer kicker (this is key), put the gps coords of the kicker (and maybe it's difficulty or how fast I should take it or something along those lines) into my computer. On the way back down, my computer can tell me (audio preferably, I don't want to sacrifice visuals during downhill mountain biking) when a kicker is approaching and how fast to take it. Without such an app, you'd have to ride down the hill multiple times before you had each kicker memorized and could confidently/safely hit them. Another thing to complement the gps-coords/difficulty could be a side-view picture of the kicker and landing... because that way you'd be able to see/remember exactly what to expect and how to take the jump. That picture could substitute for the difficulty rating (but maybe not an "estimated speed" rating unless we take another picture of the approach and after-landing as well). Sure you don't want to look away from the road but a quick glance at a picture is worth a thousand words. Would also be nice to have a speedometer on the bike, but eyeballing your speed isn't so hard at such low speeds. This is kinda like what rallycar racers use their navigator for, but way better imo (why the fuck don't rallycar racers use a similar app? Hah now that I've mentioned it they can't patent that either, pigfuckers).
diff --git a/Projects/wasdf/src/lib/wasdfcalibrationconfigurationsettingsreaderwriter.cpp b/Projects/wasdf/src/lib/wasdfcalibrationconfigurationsettingsreaderwriter.cpp
index 3d84d06..385dc9f 100644
--- a/Projects/wasdf/src/lib/wasdfcalibrationconfigurationsettingsreaderwriter.cpp
+++ b/Projects/wasdf/src/lib/wasdfcalibrationconfigurationsettingsreaderwriter.cpp
@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ void WasdfCalibrationConfigurationSettingsReaderWriter::writeToSettings(QSetting

        settings.setValue(WasdfCalibrationConfigurationSettingsReaderWriter_FINGER_KEY, /*fingerEnumToHumanReadableString*/static_cast<int>(it.key())); //I thought (while laying in bed last night) about maybe using this int-converted value in place of "i" for the settings array, but then I'd have to convert the hash to a map before inserting (not hard at all!) and idk it just might lead to problems if for example a "FingerNegative1_InvalidFinger" ever gets introduced. it's also why I changed various static_casts to int instead of uint. you never know what design changes you'll make in the future
        settings.setValue(WasdfCalibrationConfigurationSettingsReaderWriter_KEY_ANALOG_PIN_ON_ARDUINO, it.value().AnalogPinIdOnArduino);
        settings.setValue(WasdfCalibrationConfigurationSettingsReaderWriter_KEY_MINVALUE, it.value().MinValue);
        settings.setValue(WasdfCalibrationConfigurationSettingsReaderWriter_KEY_MAXVALUE, it.value().MaxValue);