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OT (but definitely could implement IN wasdf):  I want a 3 button mouse, using my right ring finger for "left click and hold". I don't like that left click is the same button as the "click and hold" (I mean sure you can right click and hold, but click and holds are USUALLY with the left mouse (if you right click and hold a bunch, a 4 button mouse is 4 u)). I tend to accidentally click and hold my left mouse button when I'm only intending on clicking regularly. This could potentially have disasterous results, and programming around it is a waste of complexity (which us programmers try to minimize).

So basically hack the fucking drivers so that left mouse is always "left mouse down" -> IMMEDIATELY AFTERWARDS "left mouse up". there should be no time in between down/up to process "mouse move" events. The driver or OS needs to be designed a specific way to be able to do that (but if I'm the one synthezising(splol) it, such as the case of wasdf, then I can easily arrange for that to always happen. If you hack (or provide) the usb mouse drivers (assuming you can even find such a mouse, but I'm willing to bet you can), then you can arrange for that to always happen (notice how I didn't say easily. it might be ez af it might be a bitch).

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