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I unfortuately understand that a bloody rebellion is probably the only way to go. I also understand that I (we?) probably can't win anyways. Even if we could, it feels completely immoral to say "blowing up Google HQ is the way to go". However when your enemy uses violence to control you, you are forced to use violence to escape it. I do consider the threat of jail/prison to be violence (and not just because of anal/oral rape): stealing time from a human is an act of violence. Throwing them in a cage, like an animal, is an act of violence.

Spartacus may have had the [human] right and a damn good reason (slavery) to rebel..... but he still fucking lost/died, man.

My mind scours for a peaceful solution. USA can in theory transition. In practice, though?

Since I can't find such peaceful solution and since I don't think a bloody rebellion would succeed (though if I ever confirm infinite multiverse theory... then I KNOW it would succeed ;-P)... I'll just go back to dicking around with electronics/music/etc for fun and lulz. A cheap thrill, fuck it. Hopefully by freezing myself I can wake back up to a world much less retarded.

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