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I have higher hopes for humanity.

As long as our well being depends on the economy, we will always be vulnerable to the economic "depressions" in which people (had-here:literally) starve to death.

The economy is a weakness;
our dependency on the economy is a weakness we must get rid of.

A worldwide government (by the humans for the humans) would be much better. It could guarantee, using solar powered robot farms, that humans don't have to work to not die (had:"survive" instead of "not die").

Whether or not the "economy" exists on the side is irrelevant.
^I'd be a dollar that the economy would go out of it's way to make that robot-provided existence miserable. It would do this so you would pay it for an existence [of any kind (could even be the same kind of existence, but with slightly less for you and slightly more for them)].
^^The economy does right at this very moment work against a worldwide government. Lots of people would lose a lot of power. They are willing to kill for it. Without a fucking doubt.
^^^idk wat do about that problem tbh. It seems the only way to beat them is for infinite multiverse theory to be true ("because in at lease one universe, you have to survive a given event (had:experience)"). re: infinite universe theory -- you can live knowing it is true or die trying to find out if it is true, or live not trying to find out if it's true (the default)

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