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Dicran hooked me up with a job at the place he works, the #1 silicon manufacturer in the world. They had a "drive any car you want" policy just like Bob Odenkirk's previous employer. For some reason Dicran drove my car at/before/the-day-of my hiring and crashed it and for some reason wanted me to take the blame for it. Analyzing this more while awake it doesn't make much sense, why would he not just swap out his car for the same model as mine (the one he chose for me, which was like a big SUV that had oversized wheels and whose front and back wheels were close together. sorta resembled a monster truck but not really. also it was completely black)? And why was it a big deal that he crashed it? Surely the company understands that mistakes happen. Idk anyways onto something of more substance: at the job there was a lot of distrust. You'd have to fill out psychological questionaire/reports frequently (weekly, perhaps daily) and the company a had dozens of psychologists on it's payroll to analyize both the coders and even themselves. I witnessed that first day a coder get fired because he answered one of the quizzes wrong accidentally. It (the question he got wrong) had something to do with whether or not he'd want to to work from home and something to do with kids, maybe "if you had kids then would you want to work from home?". Since as you can see there are 2 parts to that question (sorta), he I think answered yes (or maybe the question was worded opposite and he answered no?) and fuck I honestly can't remember the details but he basically said what he didn't mean to say. Maybe he meant to say he doesn't have kids so he answered no but then what that was interpreted as was that he didn't want to work in-office. Yea I think that's about it, but fuck trying to figure out the proper wording of the question corresponds to that. So yea they fired his ass because wanting to work from home shows that he's not a "team player" (my wording now, not the wording used in the dream) or whatever. His explaination of what he meant didn't matter, he was fired. The female psychologist who came into the cube farm to do the firing received a look from me in reaction to this event. I obviously disapproved and thought her scum. Later the dream showed her talking (in group therapy) with the other shrinks about how she at first felt attracted to me, but then the look I gave her made her feel terrible.

Bill Gates was the president/CEO/whatever of the company (lol), and I followed him around the hallways some to get shown around or whatever. But most of this part of the dream took part in that cube farm. The distrust stuff was a pretty constant theme in the dream, with Billy G repeatedly asking Dicran what he'd been doing last night because something didn't add up ("last night" was the night he crashed "my" car and lied about it). Eventually he had some hard piece of evidence that Dicran's report was at least partially false. Dicran finally confessed and there didn't seem to be any punishment (or I just didn't see it), maybe Dicran was too valuable? This obviously showed that I'd been lying too, and I walked over and shook Billy G's hand and said "sorry, lying on the first day is a terrible thing to do". He replied, "well at least you were just covering up for a friend", and I said in response to that "yea for sure" (didn't know what else to say).

Now we were all at a baseball game. I said "I don't want to play" (my feelings about baseball are mixed: it's pretty fun but I fucking hated being forced to play it as a kid), and for some reason my saying that made Irvin want to play. He went and played 2nd base and did pretty good. Daniel played shortstop as usual. A tiny bit later I ended up out near (in?) left field and was watching back at the bleachers at all the Silicon Manufacturer employees doing a song and dance together. I scanned the group trying to find Dicran to see if he too was doing it. To my delight, he was. It was a pretty simple dance but it was still groovy as fuck: step left, step right, clap (repeat). Dicran looked happy and into it, they all did. I pondered about whether or not the extreme distrust somehow made them all closer to each other and allowed them to be themselves without having to (or more accurately, being able to) hide anything. Was it net positive?

Oh teh noez, the baseball game got hacked! Some script kiddy in the basement below the bleachers flooded the baseball field. Us h4x0rz were on it, talk about right place at the right time. My solution was simple and non-tech: "we need a security guard right here" (sitting next to the laptop in the basement that had been comprimised). Now back up top: eh some underwater truck thing drove into the basement, it being submerged in the process, to start draining the baseball field. 2 unnamed employees of SM stood next ot the bleachers and looked away from the field towards a man standing on a small grassy hill who was fiddling with a tablet or smartphone. The 2 guessed (correctly) that he was the perp, but still couldn't go over there and look at his screen because that'd be a violation of his fuckin rights, man.

I woke up not wanting that job, but for some reason while having the dream it didn't seem so bad.

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