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Was at the old batting cages in riverside. I'm not sure where it is exactly or even what it's called. There was an arcade there too (on the right when you enter the door). The arcade wasn't part of the dream though. I think I went there after hours, or thought I was there after hours until towards the end of the dream some baseball players started showing up using batting cages. Most of the dream (towards beginning) took place inside the building though. It was a family operated business and that building doubled as their house (I don't think this is the case IRL). I remember talking to the wife/mom and their daughter, but I don't recall ever seeing the husband/dad in the dream. I think the mom gave me a haircut. I talked to the little girl some but the only thing I remember asking her was her age (7). I might have my ordering wrong but at some point I was sitting on their porch and there was a big glass (or hard clear plastic) box sitting on a table with a slit in the top. It was filled a good ways with cold hard cash. Towards the top of the slit was a $50 bill and I schemed to return (with a mask covering my face, because they had cameras) sometime at night maybe and to use a skinny stick with pinchers on the end to grab that $50 (and probably more). I'm not sure I committed to that plan because there was definitely a moral dilemna going on. It's true I am tempted with theft all the fucking time IRL (but I'd probably stick to electronic theft, since I'd be way better at it), but you should be glad to hear that the "good steven" is winning that fight: I haven't stolen anything (that I didn't think was abandoned) in many years, so many in fact that I consider myself a kid back then (even if I was over 18 at the time). Well anyways not much more to the dream than that except I considered asking them if they'd give me a tour of "behind the batting cages" (you know, where you always see employees walking around). I said, or thought about saying (in dreams, when you "consider" doing something, the thought of doing it tends to takes over and that consideration becomes the dream itself. neat), "it may not be interesting to you since you see it every day, but to someone like me it's a mystery" (or something along those lines. I didn't use the word mystery but I am now). I also thought about asking them if they hated it when people, such as myself (but whether I'd admit that depended on their answer), threw balls laying around back through the holes they came out of.

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