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0) Tom
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0) Had a dream where my non-HS friend Tom got got. His death was similar to that one dream I had with the underwater music vest. We were outdoors on the streets. I kinda felt like I was just an observer in the dream, flying/floating around following the action, but Tom spoke to me directly towards the (his) end. There was some confrontation between him and some assholes. They made him surrender his gun with the threat of violence. He complied and tossed it onto the ground. Immediately one of them shouted "TARGET!!!" and they all started chasing him. He was less of a target (though obviously still being fucked with) while he held the gun (in his jacket or wherever), but once he dropped it he became more of a sitting (well, soon to be running) duck. He ran his ass off. He ran like a skinny person (sup) runs; I doubt the actual Tom could run this fast xD. It didn't matter though, he only made it a few hundred feet before one of them intercepted his path and incapacitated him by shooting his back and legs. I as the observer caught up to this action and witnessed one of them give him the money shot right to his eye. The assholes ran away and Tom started expressing his pain. At first it was just like "ouch, ouch, my eye" kinda shit but then moved onto "I can't see" and good ole "sheer terror" (-Sphere) kind of shit. His arms still flailed around while he tried to make sense of of what was going on (more like ACCEPT his imminent death). "I can't feel my legs"... as his hands were clearly groping his legs. Eventually he started crying (not the tear kind) and whining like a little bitch, exactly how I and most people would in that same situation. In his whining state he said "Steven, don't make the same mistake as I did". I'm pretty sure he meant dropping his gun, but a part of me wonders if simply allowing himself to be confronted by the assholes in the first place was his actual mistake. "Man is weakest by himself" (-Pale Rider). They are probably both mistakes, but idk which one he (or my subconscience) is referring to. Perhaps my subconscience intentionally made it ambiguoius to get me to think about it harder (it's working!).

1) Was I think the last day of school in 12th grade or at least the last stretch of school weeks. Miss Clayton (my 6th grade teacher) was our teacher and my classmates from K-1 and 5-8 (I went to a different school from 2-4) were there. I came to class hours late but the teacher didn't seem to really care too much. I knew better than to ask dumb questions at that point to get myself caught up: if I'm lost on what she's talking about, it's my own fault. It was perhaps that I didn't ask those kinds of "catch me up" questions that the teacher didn't mind (too much) that I was late. An idiot would come late and expect to be caught up. Still I did some of the classwork wrong because of it. After a while I put the pieces together when I heard the teacher re-state (perhaps for my benefit) that some assignment/work/website-thingo had been 302 moved PERMANENTLY (emphasis hers). I had been still using the old link I guess? I don't remember actually viewing a website though lol, but I do remember plugging something into an extension cable that went right across the teacher's front walking area... and I also remember trying to keep that cable flat/etc so she wouldn't trip over it. Turned out I didn't need the extension cable though if I'd had known the assignment was changed. She let me do the wrong thing for a little bit of time because after all it was my own fault.

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