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By saying (understanding?) "At least I can save myself", and then doing so, I become a part of the problem. We, as a species, have really bad case of voters fallacy. If we were to all simultaneously try to "save everyone", then it would work.

OT'ish: I am saving myself, but I'm not going to be a hypocrite about it; I admit that in doing so I am part of the problem.

I don't really want to [waste my time] but I can't live with myself if I don't at least dispatch a low priority background thread to try to solve the problem. We really just need a vote, but I'm not even sure such "federal doanything" votes exist. states have them apparently (weed just become legal because of popular vote), but does the federal government? I don't think it does, which means in it's current form (had:state) it's a piece of shit. I, a citizen, must be able to call to vote anything at all on a federal level. If the "constitution" or whatever core document doesn't allow for this, it should be altered (or rewritten) so that it does. If you say "but a cititzen can't modify those core documents", then I question the validity of those documents to begin with; after all, they were made by just random ass humans (that gave themselves fancy titles, but that's irrelevant).

A politician can't block this because the entire purpose of it is to side-step political corruption in the first place.

Meh in all honesty, holding a vote yourself and it passing is plausible, but what then? Aren't taxes supposed to be used to create those solar powered food farms? Randomly winning some "unofficial" (by their definition) vote doesn't all-of-the-sudden give you tax spending abilities. Remember they'd DIE before giving up their power? Hmm so the vote would need to be official -- meh this'd never happen (but still I should press on (low priority background task), I must. I can't not)

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