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Who gives a shit, technology will fix everything eventually anyways. But meh I want awesomeness NOW. I look left and right at my neighboring countries and it makes me sad to see how shitty they're doing. Hell even my own country has extremely varied success rates. A lot of people have it great and a lot of people have it shit. The reason for it is easy to understand: the only way to be successful in this economy (and yes this economy has taken over many people's lives) is to out-compete others. "Well we can't all win", you say. I disagree, and a government "for the people by the people" should strive to achieve exactly that.

Government owned solar powered food farms (and automating shelter is ez too (everybody deserves a space at least as big as their body! good I'm glad we agree)).

"I promise not to trespass on anybody else's body." -me, now

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