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The United States of America, in all it's greatness (or least shittiness), was formed from the human species, at a starting-to-become-technologically-advanced state, rebelling against itself to start anew.

I have written about this before and how the later it happens, the better.

The USA must adapt.

There is no place for us to "rebel against ourselves and start anew". Even the moon wouldn't work, assuming you could get there.

The USA has become it's own monster, the very thing it escaped when it was formed from rebellion.

So anyways since it's probably not possible (unless I can convince all the stupid people around me... which isn't very likely), let's consider the fact that it probably can't be done peacefully. Just like Britain tried to eat (what is now) the USA, so too does the USA eat everything.

USA is an adaptable system.
Just the mere act of analyzing what I've just said means we could migrate the USA to that hypothetical 3rd state (with peace). Core documents (I don't know which) would have to be rewritten, but who gives a shit we have gotten so much better at writing shit since then.

It's not a matter of editting them, it's a matter of rewriting them under different mindsets.

What different mindsets am I talking about? This is where I'm supposed to explain it to you, but I'm not going to waste my breath (or keystrokes (time)).

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