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Overall I like Better Call Saul, despite it being rather slow so far (oh and I haven't seen the past 2 eps xD), but I found what I consider to be a rather large plot hole. Or more appropriately, an accurate representation of a typical STUPID human. Bob Odenkirk's _character_ is fucking retarded (like most humans): he's BREAKING BAD because bawww his big brother was mean to him bawwww. W.W. had a good reason to break bad: "I'm 'bout to die and want to leave my family with some money". Odenkirk's though, "boo hoo my brother blocked me from being an attourney at his company, bawww".

The point I'm trying to make is that it's stupid to let your interactions with others have such a large impact on your decision making process (ie, how you live your life).

Fuck your brother, cut him out of your life, but don't let his actions (mean'ness) affect yours!

Basically I don't want to be an asshole just because my father is ;-).

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