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0) Our forelobes are perhaps the biggest credit stealers of all time. I think more and more (or maybe just like the idea) that our subconsciences are really the ones driving our bodies. The thing is, in order for our subconscience to send commands to our body, the commands have to pass through our forelobe. So our forelobe sees the command/idea just before we put it to action, "agrees" that it's a good idea, thinks it's the one that came up with it in the first place, then puts it into action. I could go on to mention a wild theory that aleenz in another dimension ARE our subconscience and they're pissed as fuck that we keep stealing their credit... but I won't.

1) If you commit no acts of civil disobedience, you're implicitly stating that the world (or country) is perfect the way it is. Yes I know civil disobedience is not the "proper channel" to get issues addressed, but the proper channels are fucking broken as shit in this shitty ass country. Corruption is winning. Eh I could probably rant for a couple more pages on this subject but I'll just keep it short and sweet.

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