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Dehydrated/powdered/instant milk is superior to regular wet milk for 3 very good reasons:
	1) Doesn't go bad nearly as quickly. Stays good for maybe half a year to a year. Probably longer if you refrigerate it. I hate FORCING myself to drink milk just because I don't want it to go bad, it ruins the milk experience (and I, like my brother and Caydon, have a milk fetish (with my mom to thank -- she used to force us(me?) to drink milk lololol)).
	2) You can choose how creamy/thick you want it to be. I'm not talking fat content, which is the only thing you can choose when it comes to regular/wet milk. With powdered milk you can keep pouring and pouring (keeping the amount of water the same) until you [probably (haven't tried it)] have something so thick it resembles a milkshake. Or if you want it watered down, you have the option (actually nvm you could water down regular/wet milk too). There are instructions on the powdered milk box for how much to use. I read them once but every time since I just fucking eyeball it and I've never been disappointed. Simple trial and error (adjusting from previous days) gives me the optimal (preference) creaminess.
	3) Fortification. Yea maybe some regular/wet milks fortify too, but I'm pretty sure most don't (I might be wrong). I'm a huge fan of multivitamins because I know I'm not the best eater in the world; I need all the help I can get. Extra vitamins/nutrients in my milk? Yes please. On that note (but slightly OT) I've heard people declare (while ranting) that "all man-made chemicals are bad for you". I chuckled internally and didn't argue with them, fuck it le them have their rant to blow off steam. There's no fucking difference (if done properly): a chemical is a chemical. If there is a difference, it (the synthesis/extraction/whatever) wasn't done properly and we aren't takling about the same 2 chemicals.

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