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It's 2017 and I'm still using a monolithic git repo? bah. w2b submodules (but sure as shit not about to manage them manually). Even though I know they're superior and I know want to switch to them, there's still a fear of using them: what if I (or my code) forgets to commit/push some deeply nested submodule? By now you all know how I feel about data loss (FFFFFFF). Maybe fuck it I'll just ALWAYS have a monolithic repo, even when I'm simultaneously using submodules! The monolithic repo would serve as a backup in case I manage submodules wrong. Ehh thinking about that a little more it's obvious that there would get introduced TONS of dupe code (unless I grew and grew my root .gitignore file (or maybe it's better to then have .gitignore files at lower levels (but then the submodule would get ignored KEK)), since the typical git submodule workflow is to add whatever libs you're using to your repo AS a submodule (whereas in my monolithic repo strategy I simply use a relative path ../../../GloballySharedFiles/library.pri).

Well anyways back on track: I've got so many smaller projects I do really want to work on, but (before just a few days ago) I was torn trying to decide which ones to give my love to. Eventually I had my eureka moment: fuck code I want to make music for a while damnit. So now I'm giving wasdf 100% of my attention as you could probably tell by my past few commits. I'm not russian, but by giving it 100% of my attention I could probably have a decently working musical instrument within the next few weeks. I'm completely backburnering the whole integration with timeline shit (recording the PRE-SYNTH state of fingers in a timeline manner). I know I know this means I've wasted like 5+ years of the prime time of my life, but as you get older your standards of living drop significantly. Fuck it. A part of me also thinkis that sliding some timeline code into it will be trivial once I have it up and running (and trying to design it with timeline already there leads to feature creep and halts development entirely, as I've seen happen with fucking hundreds of my projects). I'm fine with analog (mic recording of the post-synth-and-even-post-SPEAKERS (so lossy as FUCK)) recordings for now, I really just want to make some fucking music. If only I had this mentality when I first came up with wasdf oh so many years ago (easily 5+, but I can't even remember tbh). Fuck it life doesn't work that way (I also wish I'd bought a cabover camper the moment I turned 18 heh).

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