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class Information : public Energy { } class Water : public Energy { } class Spice : public Energy { } class Worm : public Spice { } //the spice IS the worm He who controls the energy, controls the universe. Energy that energies the energy, energies the energy.
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I give you sanctuary on my hard drive. Your information shall mingle with my information.
2016-04-03 16:00:08 MST -- d3fault created the file: Documents/minddump/2016/4/1459724278-TJ1422.txt
Devil's advocate (a good scientist...): Epicurus' argument "all knowing and all powerful contradict each other" counter-argument: Perhaps god sees all possibilities and then chooses whichever one he wants. I might be erroneously attributing it to Epicurus, but I know he has a similar argument.
2016-04-03 15:55:43 MST -- d3fault created the file: Documents/minddump/2016/4/1459723970-XM1235.txt
I tend to forget my dreams almost as soon as I sit up (and I do sometimes remember them when laying back down the next night (contextual memory is already documented by psychology)). Maybe it's because the blood rushes out of my brain when I sit up. They tell me that water/liquids (blood) conducts electricity very well. Maybe the neural pathways don't conduct electricity to the dream memory banks because they are less wet? Eh it's a wild theory / longshot but fuck it. Also doesn't explain the cont- wait yes it does (but doesn't explain OTHER cases of contextual memory).
2016-04-03 15:51:13 MST -- d3fault created the file: Documents/minddump/dreams/2016/4/1459723353-TJ1235.txt
These happened over the past week or so. I went to parents' house for easter (family in town), which got me out of my groove (dreams + code). There were way more dreams, but I forgot them :(. 0) I was an employee at a hotel and I was walking in the courtyard with a bunch of our towers basically surrounding me. A tornado started spinning in the courtyard, and I got very excited by this and ran directly into it to try to get sucked up into the air (I guess I was hoping it wouldn't be too high to result in death. was hoping for a moon jump). It sucked me way up into the sky (but not higher than our towers) and I was pretty sure I was going to die from the fall. My infinite probability drive kicked in though and saved the day. I landed on the balcony of some guests who were doing drugs (the dream didn't mention which kind). They were amazed at what they just witnessed, and offered me some drugs. I declined. The hotel security was able to watch the tonardo and saw where I landed, and they sent a security guard up to that room. I think I was on the way out as he got there. 1) Called Roxy and sat on the phone with her for a few whole minutes of silence, then I eventually said "I'm hanging up now" and did. The dream other than that was I think about sunken ships possibly with treasure in them. I think the danger of them collapsing upon entering (BUBBLES!) was pondered
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2016-04-03 15:34:33 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/designequalsimplementationtype.h
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2016-04-03 15:22:41 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/signalemissionorslotinvocationcontextvariables.h
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re: ghetto rigging (and it's negative connotations) Life itself is ghetto rigged from atoms and duct tape
2016-03-24 21:40:08 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/ui/gui/newtypeseen_createdesignequalsclassfromit_ornoteasdefinedelsewheretype_dialog.h
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2016-03-24 21:20:25 MST -- d3fault created the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/builtintype.h
#ifndef BUILTINTYPE_H #define BUILTINTYPE_H #include "designequalsimplementationtype.h" class BuiltInType : public DefinedElsewhereType // : public DesignEqualsImplementationType { Q_OBJECT public: explicit BuiltInType(QObject *parent, DesignEqualsImplementationProject *parentProject) : DefinedElsewhereType(parent, parentProject) { } int typeCategory() const { return 3; } signals: void nonFunctionMemberAdded(NonFunctionMember *nonFunctionMember); }; #endif // BUILTINTYPE_H
2016-03-24 20:44:38 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/ui/gui/designequalsimplementationguicommon.cpp
2016-03-24 20:35:34 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/designequalsimplementationlenientpropertydeclarationparser.cpp
2016-03-24 20:32:49 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/designequalsimplementationlenientpropertydeclarationparser.h
2016-03-24 19:33:59 MST -- d3fault modified the file: GloballySharedClasses/libclang/comboboxwithautocompletionofexistingsignalsorslotsandautocompletionofargsifnewsignalorslot.h
2016-03-24 19:19:09 MST -- d3fault modified the file: GloballySharedClasses/libclang/libclangfunctiondeclarationparser.cpp
2016-03-24 17:30:13 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/designequalsimplementationclass.cpp
2016-03-24 17:30:13 MST -- d3fault modified the file: GloballySharedClasses/libclang/libclangfunctiondeclarationparser.h
2016-03-24 17:29:08 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/idesignequalsimplementationmethod.h
2016-03-24 17:29:08 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/idesignequalsimplementationmethod.cpp
2016-03-24 17:29:08 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/designequalsimplementationclass.h
2016-03-24 21:18:56 MST -- d3fault created the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/designequalsimplementationtype.h
#ifndef DESIGNEQUALSIMPLEMENTATIONTYPE_H #define DESIGNEQUALSIMPLEMENTATIONTYPE_H #include <QObject> #include <QScopedPointer> #include <QList> #include <QPointF> #include <QStringList> class DesignEqualsImplementationProject; struct Visibility { enum VisibilityEnum { Public = 0, Protected = 1, Private = 2 }; }; class DesignEqualsImplementationType; struct TypeAncestor { DesignEqualsImplementationType *type; Visibility::VisibilityEnum visibility; }; struct TypeInstanceOwnershipOfPointedToDataIfPointer { enum TypeInstanceOwnershipOfPointedToDataIfPointerEnum { NotPointer = 0 , OwnsPointedToData = 1 , DoesNotOwnPointedToData = 2 }; }; class TypeInstance : public QObject { Q_OBJECT public: explicit TypeInstance(DesignEqualsImplementationType *type, const QString &qualifiedTypeString, const QString &variableName, QObject *parent = 0) : QObject(parent) , type(type) , VariableName(variableName) , OwnershipOfPointedTodataIfPointer(TypeInstanceOwnershipOfPointedToDataIfPointer::NotPointer) { parseQualifiedTypeString(qualifiedTypeString); } static QString preferredTextualRepresentationOfTypeAndVariableTogether(const QString &qualifiedType, const QString &variableName); static bool isPointer(const QString &qualifiers_RHS_or_BothSidesIsFineToo); void parseQualifiedTypeString(const QString &qualifiedTypeString); QString nonQualifiedType() const; QString qualifiedType() const; QString preferredTextualRepresentationOfTypeAndVariableTogether() const; bool isPointer() const; DesignEqualsImplementationType *type; QString Qualifiers_LHS; QString Qualifiers_RHS; QString VariableName; TypeInstanceOwnershipOfPointedToDataIfPointer::TypeInstanceOwnershipOfPointedToDataIfPointerEnum OwnershipOfPointedTodataIfPointer; //tells us whether or not to do a '[typeInstance.variableName] = new [typeInstance.type.Name](this)' in constructor initialization. OT'ish: if it's not a QObject derived object, we should throw that bitch in a scoped pointer }; class NonFunctionMember : public TypeInstance { Q_OBJECT public: explicit NonFunctionMember(DesignEqualsImplementationType *type, const QString &qualifiedTypeString, const QString &variableName, DesignEqualsImplementationType *parentClassThatIamMemberOf, QObject *parent, bool hasInit = false, const QString &optionalInit = QString()) : TypeInstance(type, qualifiedTypeString, variableName, parent) , visibility(Visibility::Private) , HasInit(hasInit) , OptionalInit(optionalInit) , m_ParentTypeThatIamMemberOf(parentClassThatIamMemberOf) { } DesignEqualsImplementationType *parentClass() const { return m_ParentTypeThatIamMemberOf; } Visibility::VisibilityEnum visibility; bool HasInit; QString OptionalInit; //NOTE: for now, owning the pointer and having an init are mutually exclusive, since their functionality overlaps private: DesignEqualsImplementationType *m_ParentTypeThatIamMemberOf; }; Q_DECLARE_METATYPE(NonFunctionMember*) class DesignEqualsImplementationType : public QObject { Q_OBJECT public: explicit DesignEqualsImplementationType(QObject *parent, DesignEqualsImplementationProject *parentProject) : QObject(parent) , m_ParentProject(parentProject) { } QList<TypeAncestor> DirectAncestors; //those ancestors can have ancestors too, just like good ole inheritence QString Name; QPointF Position; //DefinedElsewhereType does not use this, since it is not in/on the class diagram scene (but I might change my mind about that later) DesignEqualsImplementationProject *m_ParentProject; QList<NonFunctionMember*> nonFunctionMembers() const { return m_NonFunctionMembers; } QList<NonFunctionMember*> nonFunctionMembers_OrderedCorrectlyAsMuchAsPossibleButWithMembersThatHaveOptionalInitAtTheEnd() const; virtual void addNonFunctionMember(NonFunctionMember* nonFunctionMember)=0; //TODOmb: protected? NonFunctionMember *createNewNonFunctionMember(DesignEqualsImplementationType *typeOfNewNonFunctionMember, const QString &qualifiedTypeString, const QString &nameOfNewNonFunctionMember = QString(), Visibility::VisibilityEnum visibility = Visibility::Private, TypeInstanceOwnershipOfPointedToDataIfPointer::TypeInstanceOwnershipOfPointedToDataIfPointerEnum ownershipOfPointedToDataIfPointer = TypeInstanceOwnershipOfPointedToDataIfPointer::NotPointer, bool hasInit = false, const QString &optionalInit = QString()); bool memberWithNameExists(const QString &memberNameToCheckForCollisions) const; QString autoNameForNewChildMemberOfType(DesignEqualsImplementationType *childMemberClassType) const; int serializationNonFunctionMemberIdForNonFunctionMember(NonFunctionMember *nonFunctionMember) const; NonFunctionMember *nonFunctionMemberFromNonFunctionMemberId(int nonFunctionMemberId) const; QString headerFilenameOnly() const; QString sourceFilenameOnly() const; QStringList includes() const; virtual int typeCategory() const=0; protected: void addNonFunctionMemberPrivate(NonFunctionMember *nonFunctionMember); private: QList<NonFunctionMember*> m_NonFunctionMembers; //they ARE non-function members, but the resulting code might still yield functions (getters & setters (d->pimpl for shared data and change checking+notification for Q_PROPERTY), change notifier signals in the case of Q_PROPERTIES) protected: //signals: //TODOreq: i AM a qobject, so this isn't necessary virtual void nonFunctionMemberAdded(NonFunctionMember *nonFunctionMember)=0; signals: void e(const QString &msg); public slots: void setClassName(const QString &newClassName); }; class DefinedElsewhereType : public DesignEqualsImplementationType { Q_OBJECT public: explicit DefinedElsewhereType(QObject *parent, DesignEqualsImplementationProject *parentProject) : DesignEqualsImplementationType(parent, parentProject) { } QStringList definedElsewhereIncludes() const { return QStringList(); } //note: does not contain (had:include) the "#include " part or even the double quotes, just the file path of the include void addNonFunctionMember(NonFunctionMember* nonFunctionMember) { Q_UNUSED(nonFunctionMember) qFatal("ERROR: tried to addNonFunctionMember() to a DefinedElsewhereType. The caller should have checked this"); } virtual int typeCategory() const { return 2; } signals: void nonFunctionMemberAdded(NonFunctionMember *nonFunctionMember); }; #endif // DESIGNEQUALSIMPLEMENTATIONTYPE_H
2016-03-24 13:07:04 MST -- d3fault created the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/designequalsimplementationtype.cpp
#include "designequalsimplementationtype.h" #include <QStringList> #include "designequalsimplementationprojectgenerator.h" #include "designequalsimplementationclass.h" #include "designequalsimplementationclassproperty.h" //tl;dr: using C++ to model C++. My brain is full of fuck and oh it feels so good [man] NonFunctionMember *DesignEqualsImplementationType::createNewNonFunctionMember(DesignEqualsImplementationType *typeOfNewNonFunctionMember, const QString &qualifiedTypeString, const QString &nameOfNewNonFunctionMember_OrEmptyStringToAutoGenerateOne, Visibility::VisibilityEnum visibility, TypeInstanceOwnershipOfPointedToDataIfPointer::TypeInstanceOwnershipOfPointedToDataIfPointerEnum ownershipOfPointedToDataIfPointer, bool hasInit, const QString &optionalInit) { QString chosenVariableName = nameOfNewNonFunctionMember_OrEmptyStringToAutoGenerateOne; if(chosenVariableName.trimmed().isEmpty()) { chosenVariableName = autoNameForNewChildMemberOfType(typeOfNewNonFunctionMember); } NonFunctionMember *nonFunctionMember = new NonFunctionMember(typeOfNewNonFunctionMember, qualifiedTypeString, chosenVariableName, this, this, hasInit, optionalInit); //TODOmb: private constructor + friend class Type; , so only Type can new NonFunctionMember nonFunctionMember->OwnershipOfPointedTodataIfPointer = ownershipOfPointedToDataIfPointer; nonFunctionMember->visibility = visibility; addNonFunctionMember(nonFunctionMember); //TODOoptional: the bool it returns is dumb. the qFatals are plenty, so change bool to void return nonFunctionMember; } //TODOreq: anything/everything that is checked against IN this method, should also check against this method when setting it's corresponding 'name'. idk whether it should be in the GUI (unacceptable dialogs, etc) or in the business logic or both or what, but all I know is that collisions [can] happen both ways and right now I'm only checking for collisions when doing 'autoName' shit for NonFunctionMember creation -- it can be put off as low priority since the C++ compiler will catch it for me :) bool DesignEqualsImplementationType::memberWithNameExists(const QString &memberNameToCheckForCollisions) const { //TO DOnemb: for improved readibility (sanity), perhaps I should do case insensitive matching (.toLower both sides). TODOmb: 'lookalike' characters (zero and oh, etc), but however in those fuzzy matches, it should only issue a warning and give user an opportunity to change [or accept as is] QString memberLower = memberNameToCheckForCollisions.toLower(); Q_FOREACH(NonFunctionMember *currentNonFunctionMember, nonFunctionMembers()) { if(currentNonFunctionMember->VariableName.toLower() == memberLower) return true; if(DesignEqualsImplementationClassProperty *memberAsProperty = qobject_cast<DesignEqualsImplementationClassProperty*>(currentNonFunctionMember)) { //Q_PROPERTY name/getters/setters/notifiers collision checking if(memberAsProperty->propertyName().toLower() == memberLower) return true; //this probably isn't strictly speaking a collision, I think property name is used ONLY in the Meta-Object System. The getter can and often does share the property name, but doesn't have to if(DesignEqualsImplementationProjectGenerator::getterNameForProperty(memberAsProperty->propertyName()).toLower() == memberLower) return true; if(!memberAsProperty->ReadOnly) //TODOreq: setting ReadOnly to false later on should again check for collisions? fuck my brain just exploded. maybe it's safer to keep the setter/notifier membernames as 'reserved' regardless of whether or not they are used { if(DesignEqualsImplementationProjectGenerator::setterNameForProperty(memberAsProperty->propertyName()).toLower() == memberLower) return true; } if(memberAsProperty->NotifiesOnChange) { if(DesignEqualsImplementationProjectGenerator::changedSignalForProperty(memberAsProperty->propertyName()).toLower() == memberLower) return true; } } } if(const DesignEqualsImplementationClass *typeAsClass = qobject_cast<const DesignEqualsImplementationClass*>(this)) { //signals/slots Q_FOREACH(DesignEqualsImplementationClassSignal *currentSignal, typeAsClass->mySignals()) { if(currentSignal->Name.toLower() == memberLower) return true; } Q_FOREACH(DesignEqualsImplementationClassSlot *currentSlot, typeAsClass->mySlots()) { if(currentSlot->Name.toLower() == memberLower) return true; } } return false; } //TODOblah: can't normal NonFunctionMembers have getters and setters? well obviously yes. I guess atm I'm saying "NonFunctionMembers are their visibility ONLY, if you want getters/setters, use Q_PROPERTY". if I ever refactor to allow NonFunctionMembers to have getters/setters, I need to also search for those collisions in autoNameForNewChildOfType QString DesignEqualsImplementationType::autoNameForNewChildMemberOfType(DesignEqualsImplementationType *childMemberClassType) const //TODOreq: check for collission with properties and signals/slots too, which are all technically "members" so I may refactor to account for that fact. actually tbh I'm not sure if methods collide, but they might (and I usually assume they DO to be on the safe side). it also applies to getters/setters/changedNotifiers { int indexCurrentlyTestingForNameCollission = -1; QString ret; do { ret = "m_" + DesignEqualsImplementationProjectGenerator::firstCharacterToUpper(childMemberClassType->Name) + QString::number(++indexCurrentlyTestingForNameCollission); //m_Foo0, m_Foo1, etc. TODOoptional: random 5 letter word from dictionary chosen, append two numbers also, so they are easier to differentiate/remember when using auto mode (although i probably won't use it myself (unless i'm in a rush)). //TODooptional: should the first m_Foo have a zero on the end or no? I'd say yes keep the zero, just makes it simpler LATER } while(memberWithNameExists(ret)); return ret; } QString TypeInstance::preferredTextualRepresentationOfTypeAndVariableTogether(const QString &qualifiedType, const QString &variableName) { if(qualifiedType.endsWith("&") || qualifiedType.endsWith("*")) //etc { return (qualifiedType + variableName); } else { return (qualifiedType + " " + variableName); } } bool TypeInstance::isPointer(const QString &qualifiers_RHS_or_BothSidesIsFineToo) { //TODOreq: PRETTY SURE you can't have an asterisk on the LHS for a type instance declaration, but if you can then I need to mandate that it's RHS only (and can split by type name to get it if need be) return qualifiers_RHS_or_BothSidesIsFineToo.contains("*"); } //ehh a bit hacky but gets the job done void TypeInstance::parseQualifiedTypeString(const QString &qualifiedTypeString) { QStringList split = qualifiedTypeString.split(type->Name); if(split.size() != 2) { qFatal("qualified type did not have type in it"); return; } Qualifiers_LHS = split.first(); Qualifiers_RHS = split.last(); //TODOoptional: LHS should be left-trimmed, RHS should be right-trimmed, but we want to keep the whitespace "on the variableName side(s)" intact if(isPointer(Qualifiers_RHS) && OwnershipOfPointedTodataIfPointer != TypeInstanceOwnershipOfPointedToDataIfPointer::OwnsPointedToData) OwnershipOfPointedTodataIfPointer = TypeInstanceOwnershipOfPointedToDataIfPointer::DoesNotOwnPointedToData; //we see the asterisk and bump up the enum to "does not own pointer". NOTE: it's CRUCIAL that we don't have the ability to set OwnershipOfPointedTodataIfPointer via a constructor arg and it's set later after the constructor, because otherwise this might override ... nvm I can put a safety meausre in :) } QString TypeInstance::nonQualifiedType() const { return type->Name; } QString TypeInstance::qualifiedType() const { return QString(Qualifiers_LHS + type->Name + Qualifiers_RHS); } QString TypeInstance::preferredTextualRepresentationOfTypeAndVariableTogether() const { return preferredTextualRepresentationOfTypeAndVariableTogether(qualifiedType(), VariableName); } bool TypeInstance::isPointer() const { switch(OwnershipOfPointedTodataIfPointer) { case TypeInstanceOwnershipOfPointedToDataIfPointer::DoesNotOwnPointedToData: case TypeInstanceOwnershipOfPointedToDataIfPointer::OwnsPointedToData: return true; break; case TypeInstanceOwnershipOfPointedToDataIfPointer::NotPointer: return false; break; //the lack of a default: means that if we add to the enum, we'll be forced to update this method :) } //TODOmb: analyze Qualifiers_RHS for an asterisk??? if so, should probably do it during parseQualifiedTypeString and then set the enum accordingly (default to non-owner pointer when asterisk seen, ofc). additionally, i should first check that it's not ALREADY set to OwnsPointedToData. if that's the case, just 'return;' without any asterisk analysis } int DesignEqualsImplementationType::serializationNonFunctionMemberIdForNonFunctionMember(NonFunctionMember *nonFunctionMember) const { return m_NonFunctionMembers.indexOf(nonFunctionMember); } NonFunctionMember *DesignEqualsImplementationType::nonFunctionMemberFromNonFunctionMemberId(int nonFunctionMemberId) const { return m_NonFunctionMembers.at(nonFunctionMemberId); } QString DesignEqualsImplementationType::headerFilenameOnly() const { return Name.toLower() + ".h"; //TODOreq: we don't want int.h, bool.h, etc (same with .cpp). Ideally a type can/does specify N headers it requires. Our DesignEqualsImplementationClass, however, does just use type.name.toLower() ofc... } QString DesignEqualsImplementationType::sourceFilenameOnly() const { return Name.toLower() + ".cpp"; } QStringList DesignEqualsImplementationType::includes() const { if(const DefinedElsewhereType *currentNonFunctionMemberTypeAsDefinedElsewhereType = qobject_cast<const DefinedElsewhereType*>(this)) return currentNonFunctionMemberTypeAsDefinedElsewhereType->definedElsewhereIncludes(); return QStringList() << headerFilenameOnly(); } void DesignEqualsImplementationType::addNonFunctionMemberPrivate(NonFunctionMember *nonFunctionMember) { m_NonFunctionMembers << nonFunctionMember; /*emit */nonFunctionMemberAdded(nonFunctionMember); } void DesignEqualsImplementationType::setClassName(const QString &newClassName) { Name = newClassName; // s/Class/Type (it's a slot) } QList<NonFunctionMember *> DesignEqualsImplementationType::nonFunctionMembers_OrderedCorrectlyAsMuchAsPossibleButWithMembersThatHaveOptionalInitAtTheEnd() const { QList<NonFunctionMember*> ret; QList<NonFunctionMember*> haveInit; Q_FOREACH(NonFunctionMember *currentNonFunctionMember, nonFunctionMembers()) { if(currentNonFunctionMember->HasInit) haveInit << currentNonFunctionMember; else ret << currentNonFunctionMember; } ret << haveInit; return ret; }
2016-03-24 12:47:42 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/ui/gui/classinstancechooserdialog.h
2016-03-24 12:47:11 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/designequalsimplementationimplicitlyshareddatatype.h
2016-03-24 12:47:11 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/designequalsimplementationclassproperty.h
2016-03-24 12:47:11 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/designequalsimplementationclassmethodargument.h
2016-03-24 12:47:11 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/designequalsimplementationclasslifeline.h
2016-03-24 12:45:14 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/designequalsimplementation.cpp
2016-03-24 12:02:51 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/designequalsimplementationprojectgenerator.h
2016-03-24 11:51:40 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/ui/gui/designequalsimplementationclassasqgraphicsitemforclassdiagramscene.cpp
2016-03-24 10:54:22 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/ui/gui/classeditordialog.h
2016-03-23 21:17:56 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/AntiKeyAndMouseLogger/src/AntiKeyAndMouseLoggerCli.pro
2016-03-23 21:03:19 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/ui/gui/classdiagramgraphicsscene.cpp
2016-03-23 19:10:29 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/ui/gui/designequalsimplementationchunkofrawcppstatementsgraphicsitemforusecasescene.h
2016-03-23 19:06:22 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/ui/gui/designequalsimplementationclasslifelineslotgraphicsitemforusecasescene.h
2016-03-23 18:02:10 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/ui/gui/designequalsimplementationclasslifelinegraphicsitemforusecasescene.h
2016-03-23 17:54:59 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/ui/gui/designequalsimplementationclassasqgraphicsitemforclassdiagramscene.h
2016-03-23 17:48:33 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/ui/gui/usecaseumlitemswidget.h
2016-03-23 17:35:25 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/ui/gui/designequalsimplementationclasslifelinegraphicsitemforusecasescene.cpp
2016-03-23 17:34:43 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/ui/gui/designequalsimplementationmainwindow.cpp
2016-03-23 17:34:42 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/ui/gui/usecaseumlitemswidget.cpp
2016-03-23 17:34:42 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/ui/gui/classdiagramgraphicsscene.h
2016-03-23 17:34:42 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/designequalsimplementationimplicitlyshareddatatype.cpp
2016-03-23 17:34:42 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/designequalsimplementationclassproperty.cpp
2016-03-23 17:07:48 MST -- d3fault created the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/design/design.equals.implementation.in.a.nutshell.sdlfjsldfjdlsfj.txt
Elaborating on Documents/Qt/qt.in.a.nutshell.sldfjdlsfjlsdkjf.txt , Qt provides very powerful tools to C++ programmers. There is a learning curve to using Qt, but more importantly there is often times more code to write if you want to set things up properly to be "the Qt way" (however it's worth noting that using Qt is usually much faster than other languages/toolkits. There are different aspects, and in this one I'm talking about "vanilla synchronous light-on-the-OO mostly-procedural C++" being 'faster to write' than "the Qt way of properly designed QObject inheriting classes). To name a few POWERFUL yet TEDIOUS-TO-WRITE technologies Qt provides: signals/slots, Q_PROPERTIES, make-your-own Implicitly Shared (thread-safe copy-on-write) classes with ease (there are certainly others, but those are the ones most relevant to this doc). Each of those is worth using, but they require a bit of additional work before you can begin using. Design = Implementation aims to lessen the time spent setting up those technologies, aiming at being as fast as (but perhaps faster than) the "vanilla procedural C++" coding styles I/we tend to use when coding something quick. So d=i is not really a technology on it's own, but it speeds up our use of Qt's added/provided technology.
2016-03-22 11:26:47 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/ui/gui/designequalsimplementationclasslifelineslotgraphicsitemforusecasescene.cpp
2016-03-22 11:26:47 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/ui/gui/designequalsimplementationchunkofrawcppstatementsgraphicsitemforusecasescene.cpp
2016-03-21 20:46:54 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/ui/gui/classdiagramumlitemswidget.cpp
2016-03-21 20:37:49 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/designequalsimplementationcommon.h
2016-03-21 15:05:28 MST -- d3fault created the file: Projects/eBookReaderBookmarksFileUrlExtractorCli/src/eBookReaderBookmarksFileUrlExtractorCli.pro
#------------------------------------------------- # # Project created by QtCreator 2016-03-21T13:23:26 # #------------------------------------------------- QT += core QT -= gui TARGET = eBookReaderBookmarksFileUrlExtractorCli CONFIG += console CONFIG -= app_bundle TEMPLATE = app SOURCES += main.cpp \ ebookreaderbookmarksfileurlextractor.cpp \ ebookreaderbookmarksfileurlextractorcli.cpp HEADERS += \ ebookreaderbookmarksfileurlextractor.h \ ebookreaderbookmarksfileurlextractorcli.h
2016-03-21 15:04:33 MST -- d3fault created the file: Projects/eBookReaderBookmarksFileUrlExtractorCli/src/ebookreaderbookmarksfileurlextractor.cpp
#include "ebookreaderbookmarksfileurlextractor.h" #include <QIODevice> #include <QFile> #define TRY_TO_EXTRACT_BACKWARDS_UNTIL_PROTOCOL \ int indexofProtocol = qMax(bookmarksFile.lastIndexOf(http, indexOfEndOfUrlMark), bookmarksFile.lastIndexOf(https, indexOfEndOfUrlMark)); \ if(indexofProtocol > -1) \ { \ QByteArray url = bookmarksFile.mid(indexofProtocol, (indexOfEndOfUrlMark-indexofProtocol)); \ QString urlStr(url); \ emit urlExtracted(urlStr); \ } //My eBook reader, which is "version 3" aka "keyboard" edition of well, probably the most popular brand of eBook readers on the planet (or at least 2nd best), which also runs linux as an aside, stores it's web browser's bookmarks in what `file` reports as Java Serialization Data. It's located at /var/local/java/prefs/browser/bookmarks_wv and staring at that bitch for a little bit using `xxd`, I noticed that all the URLs (except for the last one TO DOnereq) end with "xsq.~..t.". So I can start there and read backwards until I see an http:// or an https:// and then blamo extract the URL. It's worth noting that I'm coding this app ENTIRELY for porn. My eBook reader's bookmarks is 99% porn pics, and I want to view them in color some day (it will be like a weird form of nostalgia) eBookReaderBookmarksFileUrlExtractor::eBookReaderBookmarksFileUrlExtractor(QObject *parent) : QObject(parent) { } void eBookReaderBookmarksFileUrlExtractor::startExtractingUrlsFromEbookReaderBookmarksFile(QIODevice *bookmarksFileIoDevice) { QByteArray bookmarksFile = bookmarksFileIoDevice->readAll(); //QByteArray endOfUrlMark("xsq.~..t."); //nope. that's just how xxd visually represented it xxD const /*unsigned */char endOfUrlMarkRaw[] = { 0x78, 0x73, 0x71, 0x00, 0x7e, 0x00, 0x02, 0x74, 0x00 }; //QByteArray endOfUrlMark = QByteArray::fromRawData(static_cast<const char*>(&endOfUrlMarkRaw), 9); QByteArray endOfUrlMark(endOfUrlMarkRaw); QByteArray http("http://"); QByteArray https("https://"); int indexOfEndOfUrlMark = 0; while((indexOfEndOfUrlMark = bookmarksFile.indexOf(endOfUrlMark, indexOfEndOfUrlMark)) > -1) { TRY_TO_EXTRACT_BACKWARDS_UNTIL_PROTOCOL ++indexOfEndOfUrlMark; } //now we COULD extract the very last url using 0x78, 0x78 (two lower case x's) as the endOfUrlMark, but if the url itself has xxx in it (which is quite likely), the extraction will fail. maybe I should just go "back 2 bytes from EOF then last index of to http[s]"? yea I guess I'll do that indexOfEndOfUrlMark = bookmarksFile.size()-2; TRY_TO_EXTRACT_BACKWARDS_UNTIL_PROTOCOL emit finishedExtractingUrlsFromEbookReaderBookmarksFile(true); } void eBookReaderBookmarksFileUrlExtractor::startExtractingUrlsFromEbookReaderBookmarksFile(const QString &bookmarksFilePath) { QFile bookmarksFile(bookmarksFilePath); if(!bookmarksFile.open(QIODevice::ReadOnly)) { emit finishedExtractingUrlsFromEbookReaderBookmarksFile(false); return; } startExtractingUrlsFromEbookReaderBookmarksFile(&bookmarksFile); }
2016-03-21 14:06:43 MST -- d3fault created the file: Projects/eBookReaderBookmarksFileUrlExtractorCli/src/ebookreaderbookmarksfileurlextractorcli.cpp
#include "ebookreaderbookmarksfileurlextractorcli.h" #include <QCoreApplication> #include <QStringList> #include "ebookreaderbookmarksfileurlextractor.h" eBookReaderBookmarksFileUrlExtractorCli::eBookReaderBookmarksFileUrlExtractorCli(QObject *parent) : QObject(parent) , m_StdOut(stdout) { QStringList argz = qApp->arguments(); QString appName = argz.takeFirst(); //app name if(argz.size() != 1) { m_StdOut << "Usage:" << appName << " bookmarksFilePath" << endl; QMetaObject::invokeMethod(qApp, "quit", Qt::QueuedConnection); return; } QString bookmarksFilePath = argz.first(); eBookReaderBookmarksFileUrlExtractor *urlExtractor = new eBookReaderBookmarksFileUrlExtractor(this); connect(urlExtractor, SIGNAL(urlExtracted(QString)), this, SLOT(handleUrlExtracted(QString))); connect(urlExtractor, SIGNAL(finishedExtractingUrlsFromEbookReaderBookmarksFile(bool)), qApp, SLOT(quit()), Qt::QueuedConnection); QMetaObject::invokeMethod(urlExtractor, "startExtractingUrlsFromEbookReaderBookmarksFile", Q_ARG(QString, bookmarksFilePath)); } void eBookReaderBookmarksFileUrlExtractorCli::handleUrlExtracted(const QString &url) { m_StdOut << url << endl; }
2016-03-21 14:05:20 MST -- d3fault created the file: Projects/eBookReaderBookmarksFileUrlExtractorCli/src/main.cpp
#include <QCoreApplication> #include "ebookreaderbookmarksfileurlextractorcli.h" int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { QCoreApplication a(argc, argv); eBookReaderBookmarksFileUrlExtractorCli cli; Q_UNUSED(cli) return a.exec(); }
2016-03-21 13:57:31 MST -- d3fault created the file: Projects/eBookReaderBookmarksFileUrlExtractorCli/src/ebookreaderbookmarksfileurlextractorcli.h
#ifndef EBOOKREADERBOOKMARKSFILEURLEXTRACTORCLI_H #define EBOOKREADERBOOKMARKSFILEURLEXTRACTORCLI_H #include <QObject> #include <QTextStream> class eBookReaderBookmarksFileUrlExtractorCli : public QObject { Q_OBJECT public: explicit eBookReaderBookmarksFileUrlExtractorCli(QObject *parent = 0); private: QTextStream m_StdOut; private slots: void handleUrlExtracted(const QString &url); }; #endif // EBOOKREADERBOOKMARKSFILEURLEXTRACTORCLI_H
2016-03-21 13:53:56 MST -- d3fault created the file: Projects/eBookReaderBookmarksFileUrlExtractorCli/src/ebookreaderbookmarksfileurlextractor.h
#ifndef EBOOKREADERBOOKMARKSFILEURLEXTRACTOR_H #define EBOOKREADERBOOKMARKSFILEURLEXTRACTOR_H #include <QObject> class QIODevice; class eBookReaderBookmarksFileUrlExtractor : public QObject { Q_OBJECT public: explicit eBookReaderBookmarksFileUrlExtractor(QObject *parent = 0); signals: void urlExtracted(const QString &url); //QUrl? naww dawg naww void finishedExtractingUrlsFromEbookReaderBookmarksFile(bool success); public slots: void startExtractingUrlsFromEbookReaderBookmarksFile(QIODevice *bookmarksFileIoDevice); void startExtractingUrlsFromEbookReaderBookmarksFile(const QString &bookmarksFilePath); }; #endif // EBOOKREADERBOOKMARKSFILEURLEXTRACTOR_H
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Few nights ago: I "woke up" and the rainfly covering the top of my tent was gone/off. I wasn't too worried about it raining and I figured the wind had ripped it off, so I went "back to sleep".
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Cocoa was miniature like maybe 3 inches tall. I was in Caydon's room at parent's house using the computer in there and cocoa was sitting on the desk and pawwing at my left hand as I typed on the keyboard.
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2016-03-20 15:29:49 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/Prototypes/FunctionDecomposerWithNewTypeDetectorGui/src/functiondecomposerwithnewtypedetector.cpp
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Infinite finites == infinite It's barely interesting that both Think0 and Universe0 in Projects/ForFun/ have while(true) loops in them. They are both kind of modelling the same thing, but I guess at different points [of execution]. It's also barely noteworthy that Universe0 could be utilized as a video game/simulator engine. Blah well anyways, a while(true) does not necessarily mean infinite loops. A break/return could happen at any point. I do think, however, that Universe0's while(true) is in fact infinite (but I don't have any evidence to back this up). I also don't know which of the two is closer to properly solving the AI problem. Both seem to have the right approach I suppose (the Universe0 version just might take a bit longer than most are willing to wait ;-P (and this depends on the hardware running on it ofc (would be ez to make it concurrent ofc)). I was thinking yesterday that one way to get us out of this shit dystopia wage-slavery state is to up and solve the AI problem. Well yea I mean I for one can see just how fucking hard of a problem it is to solve (unless you're willing to wait billions of years, in which case Universe0 already solved it :-D). In order to get the most powerful rich to stop fucking over the less powerful majority, we need to remove their incentive to do so; solving he AI problem does that. However I think genuine AI would, like us, not want to be your bitch slave. True AI can probably only emerge out of a struggle to survive in an apathetic evolution system. So bleh I guess even solving the AI problem won't help get us out of this dystopia, in fact the AI-on-software would probably live in the exact same dystopia in it's virtual world xD. It's just so logical/natural that we fall into this "rich, powerful, sociopathic... rule/own/control the weaker/etc". Blah well I'm digressing like fuck and throwing in lots of mixed thoughts into this doc, back to the first line. My life is finite, but there are infinite occurances of my life, so it really is infinite (even though from the first person perspective, it certainly SEEMS finite). Infinite Multiverse Theory again hello there old friend.
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2016-03-16 17:02:55 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/designequalsimplementationclassprivatemethod.h
2016-03-16 16:42:07 MST -- d3fault modified the file: Projects/DesignEqualsImplementation2/src/designequalsimplementationusecase.cpp
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I know I just implicitly said this, but I want to explicitly say it too: I understand myself/the-universe pretty darn well because shit is so fucked up that I'm studying everything in order to try to... bleh... make shit better.
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I think I got into a growling match with a coyote outside my tent the night before last. It may have been a dream, or mixed reality/dream (my growling real, the coyote a dream). Still it seemed kinda real, idfk. My growl is like a soft "grrr" but with the G missing. If you heard it, you'd think "that sounds like one tired motherfucker". I growl at the skunks/ground-squirrels trying to get into my food, of course. Banging on the side of the tent, and especially scratching (that high pitched sound) seems to work better though. Still I think this time it growled back, kek. I think maybe my body was in fight-or-flight auto pilot mode as I continued to growl at it growling at me. A coyote growling at my growling is one thing, but only a stupid (read:extinct) animal would actually attack a growling sound if they couldn't see the source of that growling. So I won, because animals (including humans) are by default afraid of that which they cannot see :-P......... not because my growl was more intimidating xD.
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0) This and (1) happened night before last. Was in the back alley of some place/restaurant, or maybe it was just a dark front street. Facing away from that restaurant, I looked to my right and there I saw a relative close to my age. She saw me see her and idk much more than that but then I turned to the left and looked down the street that way. I saw 2 people in a car, one was dead. The live one had a creepy as fuck facial expression, and they sort of pulled the body up from the driver(? maybe we were in europe) seat side and let their head/torso be exposed to me for a few seconds then tucked the corpse back down. The corpse of course had a completely neutral facial expression that wasn't too out of the ordinary at all. The alive person seemed to have done this on purpose,(it wasn't an accident that I saw the corpse) idk why. There might have been a 3rd thing I saw down the street, but I can't remember what it was. Maybe the corpose thing was the 3rd thing and I'm missing a 2nd, whatever. I started to get the creep right about now, but I forgot to mention something (I don't remember the timing of it). I was able to see that relative on a video screen. She then covered the view of herself using I think another video camera of all things (my view could then see that camera's viewfinder (flip out kind), but I could no longer see her at all. So anyways I got the creeps and ran away and went right past my relative wo was sitting on the couch that I forgot to mention... and was of course fapping (I guessed that from the whole camera thing). As I ran by, I wondered if my super sexy alpha male running skills were doing anything for her (since she was in the middle of fappan). As I wondered this, I began to glide as I ran. It was like in dreams where you CAN'T run, except this dream I didn't hae to run. I glided (glid?) just about the ground at my regular sprinting speed, but my legs no longer ran [very fast?]. I went around a corner both to get the fuck out of the creepy shit and because I knew she'd want her privacy. Later, maybe minutes or maybe the next day, I was talking to her and she was rambling about how she thinks she's pregnant. I think she said she was lactating and had "missed a day" (isn't that low? isn't the phrase "missed a month"? maybe she said month but I dunno). While she was all freaking out like that I threw in the joke, "is it mine?", and yea that pissed her off and I guess she didn't want anything to do with me from then on. But in a weird way it seemed like she was breaking up iwth me, as if we had or were about to start a relationship but that pissed her off too much so nope. I tried to reverse her breakage, and she cut me off saying she didn't want to hear me say I'd promise to change etc. I said I didn't need to change, that I could simply toggle my fucked up sense of humor and that I didn't need it and I'd rather be with her than have it. Idk whether or not that worked, the dream ended right about here. It's obvious why I'm censoring who it is, but I will say it's not "her". 1) Fukken chillen with Matt at the beach and he asks me if I want some food, I don't answer and off to the store he goes. He comes back and then a bit later I slip off to that same store. It was some weird local store with a silly name that mostly sold fish/etc. I asked an employee if they accepted EBT and he said they did, then I went down an entire row of shrimp/lobster (crustacians?) and ended up buying some rack of brownies and some other bullshit. 2) Some girl, I think maybe the same girl from high school in that lucid ASU dream (I don't remember her name, but if I asked around I could find it out), and a few other girls, were at my grandma T's house and we were in their bedroom watching TV. I gave her the eyes and then she went out of the room a lot of people were in, I followed maybe 10 seconds later, then we fucked in my grandma's laundry room. My aunt becka walked in on us (LUCKILY AFTER I WAS "done") and said something along the lines of "you have a boyfriend!" to her, which was a surprise to me but I didn't really care too much. Later I drove or got driven down the street a ways and let off at some bar/club where there was a huge line to get in. I was simply walking alongside that line and I think going back to my gmas house. Some black people called me a nigger and then as I moved forward in that line so did some [white] cowboy dressed dudes. It was confusing.
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Sleep is when/where the conscience and subconscience meet up and talk things over. Together they analyze your waking life and try to predict fatal events (etc). They put on little skits/plays that serve as a status report. Doing good? Here's some awesomely fun dreams. Doing shyte and taking too many risks etc? Here's some scary as fuck dreams. I think one of the reasons dream recall becomes improved when you keep a dream diary is that you simply free up space in your head, kind of like a chunk of memory (no kind of about it!). Another reason is that you get 'practice' accessing those sections of memoriy, so the neural network "use it or lose it" remains used (and it's probably a different route from "dream -> dream storage" to "dream -> dream recall (verbal, written, etc)". The first reason mentioned is a newer discovery (but the wording of the second is still pro/new too). Elaborating on the first: perhaps "dream storage" portion of memory is much smaller than "what I have expressed", and let's not forget that "what I've expressed AND RECORDED" can be safely forgotten ;-P. We are, perhaps mainly subconscously, remembering dreams we've had in the past in case an opportunity comes for us to recall it. That takes up precious "dream storage" space, so by expressing/recording the dream, you free that space up for the next night (versus holding onto it for days/months/years [and eventually forgetting it completely :-/]). I theorize that the probability that a human understands the world/universe they are born into increases if that human is born into a dystopia. My reasoning is that if/when a human is pised, they anaylze things much more prudently. When shit is fucked, you just gotta find a solution, you just gotta. Understand YOURSELF/the-universe is prerequisite to finding that solution (even if you never find a/that solution xD). If, however, a human is born into a universe where everything's HUNKY DORY (utopia), there is not a NEED to analyze the fuck out of yourself/the-universe. You'd do it casually; when it's convenient to do so and when doing so brings you pleasure.
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0) Kim Wexler was walking around on some non-ground-floor of a building with security "stations" that I think doubled as elevators. She fell in a shaft and landed in some water. She survived the fall unscathed, but since there was nothing to grab onto (and/or she couldn't get out), she drowned simply from becoming tired/etc (a terrible way to go). The order of events in the dream don't make much sense, because later she was talking to Bob Odenkirk on an upper floor and they were watching her die on a video and she kept emphasizing "this/that is how I _DIE_" and Bob is well you know hearing her but not hearing her. I haven't watched last week's ep and obviously not tonights, but I suspect she TOOK THE FALL for his airing a commercial without permission, especially considering her oh so convenient explaination about her repuation is on the line (television has to bring something for both the idiots and the not). 1) Some like laundry/dry-cleaner shop and a guy/owner aksed me to watch over it for a night while he (???). Well even thouh there was a phone in there I still walked across the street to use the phone and when I turned back to the shop Frank A and Holly W were running off with the equipment. I felt bad yea the guy's shit just got jacked but idfk blurry somehow the room next door was also a dry cleaner guy and the two owners were friends I guess and he helped me get set back up even though jacked. He put a dry cleaner right in front of the main front door and told me it was gonna get ~120 degrees F in there but then I'm leik "lolk bai" and told him he had it covered etc etc and peaced the fuck out. I don't think the owner of the place even gave a shit about the theft since it was insured anywyas. I think he told me that his shit got jacked twice the previous week (but this might have been awake fillershiz)
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Maybe I should just give in to the fact that I live in a universe where there's a plain and simple competition for power, and it's perfectly legal and allowed to manipulate, even sociopathically, and gobble up most/all the power. "Whoever can should and does and that's the way it should be!"; after all, I don't make the rules, I just play by them <---------------- WRONG. I _DO_ make the rules (it's a government by the people for the people, and I'm a person!). Here's where it gets interesting/confusing: those who have gobbled up the power are the ones who make the rules, so if I wanted to change the rules to be more moral, I'd have to contradict my longer term goal of not being a manipulative sociopathic piece of shit. Manipulative sociopathic pieces of shit are the ones with the power and who make the rules, so I['d?] have to [temporarily!!!] become a manipulative sociopathic piece of shit just so I'd have the ability to remove the requirement/incentive for most all humans to be manipulative sociopathic pieces of shit. I know I've said this same stuff in different words, but still.
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#include <QCoreApplication> #include <QSet> struct Position3D { qint64 X, Y, Z; }; struct VectorUnit { Position3D Position; //etc (idfk. need to take the physics/chemistry class first) }; class /*Laws Of*/ Physics { public: /*Laws Of*/ Physics() : m_TickNum(0) { } void tick() { ++m_TickNum; Q_FOREACH(VectorUnit &vectorUnit, m_AllVectorUnits) //or maybe a pointer instead of reference, so we modify the in-set instance instead of making a copy to modify { applyLaws/*OfPhysics*/(vectorUnit); } } void applyLaws/*OfPhysics*/(VectorUni &vectorUnit) { //TODOreq: maths. take a physics/chemistry class to learn the maths. it's something along the lines of "what goes up, must come down" ;-) } private: quint64 m_TickNum; QSet<VectorUnit> m_AllVectorUnits; }; int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { QCoreApplication a(argc, argv); /*Laws Of*/ Physics /*lawsOf*/physics; while(true) { /*lawsOf*/physics.tick(); //or step(), or progressOneVectorFrameForwards() } return 0; } /* So anyways the main physics.tick() part was the first thought and it got me thinking about how we're just vector units that have assimilated into conscious groups of vector units. There are enough vector units (and of course enough time) that they eventually/always become conscious/self-aware. Our interactions with one another are just groups of vector units communicating (interestingly enough, USING vector units) to other groups of vector units. It made me wonder how we could possibly "communicate with the programmer". Well I didn't get very far with that thought but I did stumble upon the thought that we could change the true in the while(true) to false so that the loop breaks out. My rationale is that "we share the same memory/hardware as that boolean". This doesn't help in communicating with the programmer and is also very probably death xD. I do think it would be possible for the programmer to contact/interact-with us, however. Anyways I of course asked myself for the millionth time "what's it all about?" and for the hundred-thousandth time answered "nothing!". But yea aside from nothing I think love is the best CHOICE. It got me thinking about my grandpa and I decided I want to spend more time with him. Not knowing what to do with him, I did what any english-speaking human would do and I went down the alphabet: A. One of the first things I thought of was a restaurant with the word apple in it. Yea apples are cliche/obvious Mr. Me Jobs. I didn't want it to revolve around food though, and I wanted something that would last longer and be more interesting. I kept with the letter A, because I wasn't in a rush or anything (just sittin out here in the desert). Airplane! Hmm, airplane museum? Meh, we've been there done that, neither special nor long lasting. I kept with airplane though, it's something interesting that we both... err... are interested in? Well with glaucoma he's no longer allowed to fly :(, but I do recall him making various remote controlled airplanes out of fucking WOOD xD and I do recall even saying myself a few years back that it's something I'd want to get into. So that's what I want to fucking do dammnit. Arbitrary stupidity of us being merely groups of vector units aside, love seems real, I love him, and that's a damn good use of my time if you ask me. It's genuinely interesting and additionally gives us something to bond around/over. A lot of times when we hang out, we don't say/do much and we fill the silence with small talk... the same bullshit over and over. And of course let's not forget that maybe it would somehow influence his answer to my asking him again for the hundredth time if he'd sign up to be cryonically frozen when he "dies" of "natural causes" (probably parksinsons at this point). I would want to build the remote control to the RC airplane myself. I'd want to put a video camera on the front and possibly to fly/control it "in the first person" wearing hat+wasdf. We'd combine our collective intelligence to make some badass fucking toy plane. Sure I could probably figure it out on my own/using-the-internet, but that's not the point! Well anyways here's the kicker to this whole thing: I realized that I'd need/want to record the creation of this whole thing, should between us any patent-worthy ideas emerge (so I/we can defensively publish them, ofc!)... but also just as a tutorial for others to follow. Since I can't [afford to] record myself, I can't/won't do the idea at all (until). That the world is filled with sociopaths who steal ideas, and that it's actually completely legal and there's even an incentive to steal ideas..... is totally putting a hamper on my life[style]. I am filled with rage. [...]. */
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Living alone in a tent in the desert is surely depressing, but it's no worse than being stuck in silence in suburbia. In fact, I prefer it out here: there's no confusion/illusion about not being alone.
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0) Molly/Lauren 1) Dad car caydon 2) "Free" food -> store -> buffet 0) Pretty trippy dream in general even though I barely remember it. Was wearing video hat shiz like I want/need to be doing and it took place oin some non-ground-floor hotel rooms, some of which had shared doors/walls. Idk just like walking around "our" rooms in and out of the rooms via the halls and shared doors. "Us" being a relatively large group of people who knew each other, maybe 30-100. I only remember my aunt Becka and Molly/Lauren (from elementary school) in one of the rooms that was probably the most crowded rooms. What was going on in the other rooms is a blur/forgotten. Becka and them were sitting around a table I think and I was kind of shy with my hat video shiz on (because I didn't have it on for long enough to get over the shy'ness period), so all I said was a general "hi" to the room, mainly to my aunt but also to Molly/Lauren, then continued my fast-paced walk around the hallways/rooms. There was some transition or some of the dream was partially awake and/or involved time travel. I was in a position to see an accident wherein a kid got killed. Either run over by a car or a train, I forget. I don't remember much else, but that death was a pretty big deal (and rightly so). 1) Can't remember the specifics but I think I called my dad out ("how about NOT taking your anger out on your family?" etc), and no monster likes being told they're a monster, so while atop the bottom half of our cali house driveway he reversed it back down flooring it and we were somehow flung straight up into the air rather than down into the ravine (where someone actually died in a manner similar to this dream). Caydon was with us and I told him to lean forward as far as he could. Somehow we were going to land on our "backs" and leaning forward would slightly increase our chances of surviving. My dad of course was doing the opposite, leaning back in his chair as hard/far as he could. We landed and crawled out and all 3 of us survived. Some guy doing construction on the cali house asked if we were alright and i said "no he's trying to kill us!", and I think just his prsence in general was a blocker for my dad. 2) There was some "free" fast food restaurant where you eat and then have to work there to pay for it, like that was the common way [poor] people dined there. It's kinda blurry but I remember it being extremely gross. Unsanitary etc. The whole place just made me naseaueuaus (!sp) and I didn't eat anything. I instead remarked to some guy that I came there with that I'm going to <insert-store-nearby-my-parents-house> to get some food, and even just my mental image of that store seemed so much cleaner/sanitary. Later Kelsi/Kaylee/I, and perhaps some others I forget, went to some random cheap ass buffet that accepted food stamps. It was a fictional buffet. I paid for everyone's meal using the stamps, figured I'd have to eat more efficiently for the rest of the month to make up for it, but since I already do eat pretty efficiently it's no biggy.
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"Burying your depression under a mountain of happy pills and hoping you die before the volcano erupts" is actually a decent strategy for people who don't plan on freezing themselves.
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Good name for an album: Soft Spoken Serial Killer

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